SENIOR TOUR 3C /ST3C/ is the whole year golf tour organised by seniors of golf clubs – GC WELTEN, GC SCHOENFELD, GC SOKRATES Kořenec and GC SKALICA as four one day events. Each club is responsible to organise one two day event as a competition of single players and the teams. There is the desicion of organizer to open so called „open category“ for golfers from other clubs /especially seniors/ to fill the capacity of tournament.
Teams nominate the captain of the teams, who became the members of the tour committee. For season 2020 the tour director will be agreed Ivan Sebok- senior captain of GC WELTEN.


GC Schoenfeld   July 22., 2020
GC SOKRATES Kořenec   August 4., 2020
GC WELTEN Báč   September 2., 2020
GC Sedín   September 3., 2020
GC Skalica   October 1., 2020



Tournament fee

Tournament fee /starting fee + green fee/ is 50,- EUR/tournament day.

This fee includes:

- drinking regime and lunch after the game (soup, main meal, one drink),
- the costs for starters, marshalls, administration of results and symbolic prizes for best players are included.
Other special offers in addition to the mentioned basic ones are based on the decision of the organizer. These offers will be charged extra.

HOW we play


The players with HCP over 36 are in results calculated as players with HCP 36 !
The results of each 2-day tournament are stated in this categories :
- individual competition – stableford netto category A and B, stableford brutto
- team competition.
The prizes provides the organiser of tournament.
The seasonal results are stated in this categories :
- individual competition
- team competition.
The prizes provides the committee of ST3C from fees of organisers (moving cup for the best team, symbolic prizes + fee vouchers from courses in individual competition). The prizes will be financed from payment of all participating clubs (70,- Eur per club) and organised by GC WELTEN.

HOW to register


The players registrate to each tournament on the reception of their own club (name and surname, actual HCP), which in cooperation with team captain makes registration on the reception of organizer up to 12 a.m. 2 days before the tournament day latest. Starting list for 1st day will be prepared by organiser up to 3 p.m. of this day of registration, for second day during the play of first round. The players can also registrate for playing only one tournament day.

The players are nominated to flights in starting list from the lowest to highest HCP, if somebody asks for registration after the deadline and organizer accepts his late registration, players are placed in the last flights regardless of their actual HCP.

In case of common use of golf car by two players is possible to replace the players in nearbye flights due to effective use of limited number of cars on the courses. The use of golf car is allowed due to health report and for players over 70 only.



Individual competition – players /team members of 4 organizing clubs/ compete for the best total of stableford points for two rounds in two categories A and B – the list of players is divided to two groups of app. 50% due to players actual HCP in the day of preparation starting list, the best 3 players in each category will be awarded, the best player in total brutto stableford for two days as well. For so called „open category“, if opened, is recommended to award the best player for two days.
In case of equal results decides the better results of second day, then the best results on the last 9, 6, 3 and 1 holes of second day.
Teams competition – the results of each day are based on the best sum of STF netto and brutto of seven any players in the team, the seasonal competition counts 2 results from each tournament.



Individual competition – the winner of the tour is the player, who reach the highest total STF NETTO from the all 2-day tournaments, players on the first 3 places will be awarded.
Team competition – the team with highest total result from 8 tournament days will be the winner of the season.
In case of equal results in individual competition the better result on the last tournament decides, then the highest two day result STF NETTO during the season, second highest etc. In team competition the better result on the second day of last tournament, then the highest result of the team during the season, second highest etc.



The tees for seniors are used on STV3 tour : men - yellow, women – red.

The players plays with accordance to Rules of Golf as approved by R&A Club St.Andrews, 2019 and Local Rules of the course of organiser.
The player may obtain distance information by using the device that measures distance only. Other use of electronic devices – Rule 4.3.
There is strictly recommended to keep the pace of play /Rule 5.6/.


A player is entitled to lodge protest before final results of tournament will be announced. Tour committee has the right to change the conditions of competition during the season as agreement of all the participating clubs.